Liverpool Head & Neck Centre

At Liverpool Head and Neck Centre (LHNC) our internationally recognised surgical team comprises of specialists from ENT, Oral and Maxillofacial, Endocrine surgery, Ophthalmology and Neurosurgery. We work closely with allied specialists in anaesthesia, prosthodontics and peri-operative care to ensure the best possible outcome for your surgical journey. When required in specialist cases, we also liaise with our colleagues in the Walton Centre, Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital and Alder Hey Hospital.  

Our care is primarily delivered at Aintree Site of Liverpool University Hospital Foundation Trust  (LUHFT) including dedicated operating theatres for both day-case and inpatient surgery. For patients requiring an inpatient stay you will be looked after on a dedicated head and neck ward staffed by highly trained and experienced head and neck nurses. New and follow-up patients may be seen in our fully equipped elective care outpatient centre or at one of our satellite clinics, depending on your home address. 

Research-led improvements in the quality and safety of patient care is one of our core missions at LHNC and we have developed a faculty and research infrastructure to develop a world-class program of translational research. We frequently feature in regional and national news for breakthroughs in patient care. You may be asked during clinic about your interests in taking part in a trial and our dedicated research team will be happy to provide discuss this with you and provide further information. Please get in touch with our team should this be something of interest to you. 

LHNC has a strong history of providing outstanding clinical Fellowships in a number of sub-specialty interest areas, with graduates going on to be appointed at major international centres.  LUHFT is an integral part of the North West School of Surgery. As a centre of teaching excellence it is not uncommon for trainees at different levels to be involved in you care under the supervision of your consultant surgeon. 

Further information about your surgical procedures can be found in the links below. Please ask your clinician if you have any further questions. 

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  • Surgical Faculty

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    • Trans-oral laser surgery of the oropharynx (tonsil, base of tongue)

    • Trans-oral laser surgery of the larynx

    • Thyroid Surgery

    • Parotid Surgery

    • Laryngectomy

    • Free Flap Surgery

    • Sentinel Node Biopsy

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