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Jason Fleming

Jason Fleming

Senior Clinical Lecturer/Honorary Consultant Head & Neck Surgeon

I am an academic ENT/Head & Neck Surgeon, specialising in head and neck cancer and thyroid surgery. I am a Senior Clinical Lecturer at the University of Liverpool and an active member of the Mersey Head & Neck Oncology Group (MHNORG), the research arm of Liverpool Head & Neck Centre (LHNC). I have a strong passion for improving patient care through embedded translational and clinical research, with a particular interest in 1) developing and evaluating novel cancer therapies 2) the dysregulation of tumour metabolism and the possibilities this offers for diagnosis and targeting and 3) understanding the immune biology of head and neck cancer. I am the Co-chief Investigator for the upcoming national phase III trial PROTIS (PROton beam Therapy versus Intensity-modulated radiotherapy for Sinonasal cancer), the lead author for the new national UK guidelines for sinonasal malignancy, and head up a number of translational and clinical outcome based projects within LHNC. 

I have an active teaching portfolio within the University of Liverpool, lecturing on a variety of University Masters modules (Frontiers in cancer, Cancer Clinical Trials). On a regional level I am an academic representative for the regional training committee, a member of the pan-Trust surgical robotic steering group and the Fellowship Director for the internationally renowned Shaun Jackson Head and Neck Surgical Fellowship at Aintree.

  • Imperial College, London



    Surgical Sciences

    Imperial College, London




    Imperial College, London



    Surgical Education

    University of Southampton



    Cancer biology

    South Thames (London)

    Higher surgical training (residency)



    Guy’s & St Thomas’, London



    Head & Neck/Thyroid Surgical Oncology (TIG)

    UAB-Birmingham, AL, USA



    Ablative & Reconstructive Head & Neck/Thyroid Surgery

  • Realising novel radiosensitisation treatment strategies utilising tumour metabolism in head and neck cancer

    Funder: Royal College of Surgeons (Eng)
    Start date 29/4/2021   
    Duration: 24 months       
    Value: £7,000

    Development of nanoparticle therapeutics in head and neck cancer

    Funder: Institute of Systems, Molecular and Integrative Biology (ISMIB), University of Liverpool
    Start date 1/4/2022    
    Duration: 4 months        
    Value: £5,000

    PROTIS: A phase III trial of proton beam therapy versus intensity-modulated radiotherapy for the treatment of sinonasal malignancy

    Funder: The Taylor Family Foundation/CRUK
    Start date April 2022   
    Duration: 8.5 years       
    Value: ~ £2.1 million

  • PROTIS: A phase III trial of proton beam therapy versus intensity modulated radiotherapy for the treatment of sinonasal malignancy

    Start Date: April 2022
    Completion Date: September 2010
    Recruitment Status: Not yet recruiting

    Summary: Open-label multi-centre prospective phase III randomised controlled trial. The study population is loco-regionally advanced, non-metastatic sinonasal cancer (AJCC 8th edition: Stage III-IVA/B tumours). 

    Head and neck lymphoedema patient reported outcomes (HNL-PRO)

    Start Date: February 2022
    Completion Date: December 2022
    Recruitment Status: Recruiting

    Summary: Qualitative study on patient experience with swelling (lymphoedema) after head and neck cancer treatment

    Patient experience of head and neck cancer treatment across multiple sites within a tertiary care unit (PE-HaNC)

    Start date: April 2021
    Completion Date: April 2022
    Recruitment Status: Recruiting

    Summary: Qualitative study to determine the experiences of head and neck cancer patients treated with multimodality therapy in a hub and spoke care model (surgical treatment at Liverpool Head and Neck Centre and post-operative radiotherapy (PORT) +/- chemoradiotherapy (POCRT) at Clatterbridge Centre). 

  • PhD candidates:            
    Miss. Aderonke Abah
    Dr. Heather Starmer

    MPhil candidates:            
    Mr. Matthew Zammit

    Academic Foundation years:    
    Dr. Randa Ghazal-Asswad
    Dr. Nurhan Abbud

    Fellowship: Director for the Shaun Jackson Head and Neck/Thyroid Fellowship at Aintree

  • Peer-reviewed articles

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